Tyre repair surrey

Not sure where about in Surrey you are, technically Kennington is as it’s near the home of Surrey cricket club lol

But I think this place can plug tyres too, best call first though
GTC Motorcycle - Guildford Tyre Company Ltd.
97 New Rd, Chilworth, Guildford GU4 8LP

Thanks nivag, I’m in Guildford and used gtc to change tyre last week. They said they couldn’t plug my previous because of it being z speed rating. And this ones the same tyre as last time so I’m assuming they won’t repair this either :confused:

It’s only gsx650f and I only commute on it. I don’t understand why it can’t be plugged by some places but others are willing to plug it.

Why not plug it yourself?

With one of the emergency puncture repair kits, where stab those strips in?

That’s it

I wasn’t sure how long they would last but I’m happy to give this a go. Rather than throwing a brand new tyre out!

I’ve been known to ride around with three of them in place until the tyre needed replacing. They do the job.


Here’s one I did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw6D9DOXgNU&feature=youtu.be

Thanks for the video aceman - but it keeps saying error unable to load?

Try a different browser or different device. It’s a video of me using the sticky worms to repair a tyre. It was my first attempt, and it worked well.

Contact this guy : http://www.rubber-ranch.co.uk/
Mobile tyre fitting and repairs. He should cover Guildford IIRC.
Recommended. :slight_smile:

Case in point - I changed my tires today. The rear had 4 of my repairs in it :thinking:

Yeah I gave him a call and he’s away until 26th August or around then.

I’ve bought one of the kits, shall be doing it tomorrow. Like I say; only a commuting bike so shouldn’t be a problem

Plugs work well, get good ones though. Ok on commutes, I’d be very wary at speed.

I know you’re in Surrey but another shout out for FWR, top shop.

Anyone in NW London try Motorcycle Service Centre, I’ve been going there for over 25 years. Brilliant mechanics.

thanks for tips rockit99

I went ahead and put a plug in, seems to be holding up nicely. Keeping the pack on me incase it comes out :grin: .

Plugs are only really a temporary fix. They’ll seal for a short time, then dry out, although I do know that some people will ride with them to the end of the tyre, but i think you’d end up with a permanent slow puncture.
Get it patched properly and it’ll last the life of the tyre.

Don’t think I can have it repaired properly now, since I put a plug in.

Just going to make do until I can be bothered to buy another new tyre. Some of the repair quotes I was getting were 50+. The tyre with fitting was only £105, and they usually last about a year. If I get 3-6 months out of it I’ll be happy and then just replace.

You can get a repair repaired again at a garage.

The plug is only meant to be a temporary repair to get you to a dealer/workshop for a permanent repair.

I don’t begrudge a £50 bill for a proper repair - the tyre guy has to make a living, and it prevents any hassle from slow punctures. :slight_smile: