tyre rant...

ARGH, just needed to vent, sure it’s happened to us at one time or another…

You know, old story when front tyre’s worn in, but not so much it needs renewing - the rear’s bald, only good for burnouts or really grippy roads. Anyways, I decide to go for a ‘part worn’ on rear to level things up for a month or so til i need to get both renewed.

Started in Vauxhall, visited a couple of garages, working my way west but no suitable tyres available (logged in this evening, saw a tyre forum thread, and wish i had CharlyBR600-RR’s number on me, could’ve saved alot of time hehe).

I ended up at RJS Motorcycles just behind Latimer Road tube station.

They had a tyre, sofarso good… off to mates place, travelled all of 6 miles and picked up a damn inch long screw LIVID

Guess am glad it happened to a £30 tyre, and not one of a £200 set.

rant over…

Now that is a shocker!!

“Guess am glad it happened to a £30 tyre, and not one of a £200 set.”

Very true!! Can you get it plugged? Is puncture in centre of tyre?

May save a bit more still, or may not be worth it

Hey Ichi,

Yeah, i suppose i can get it plugged (it’s about 3cm to right of dead centre of tyre), but am losing hope with this particular tyre… i noticed a flat piece of metal that had penetrated the carcass this morning… looks like i’ll be getting new tyres during the middle of winter… anyone got tyre warmers spare? hehe

You don’t need tyre warmers!

Couple of rolling burnouts and rolling stoppies and lovely n toastie

Hahaha will need pointers on “how to…” mate.

dont you just hate that .when that happens