Tyre questions

Sorry, I know this will have been covered a zillion times before.

I need new tyres for my GSXR1000 K4

Usage expected in the next 5k miles

1 Track Day (my 1st so nothing crazy going on, but I can get my knee down so will be leaning hard(ish))

Lots of street riding, days out, road riding etc

1 Trip to France/Spain in June ( fast/twisty/high mileage)

Are these dual compounds any good right now? Soft on the outside, hard in the middle (armadillo! )

Or should I stick with a Bridgestone BT014 (I think these are fac fit on my bike)

Also, name me a good dealer/fitter in SW london that won’t fuk my bike up and will balance the wheels properly!

Thanks guys and gals


That’s quite a varied amount of usage there! I should think Pirelli Diablo Corsas would be the ones to fit, as they’ll do a trackday just fine (I used them last year on the K5) and still do enough road miles, with brilliant performance. It’s the France/Spain trip that makes it a tricky call to make though, as that’s a lot of miles, I presume?

Dual-Compound tyres are getting mixed reviews right now. Personally I wouldn’t touch them.

Jay just about covers it there.
Diablo Corsas should be an improvement over the Bridgestones but perhaps not last quite as long. If your doing a trackday it`s a false economy having less grip in my opinion.

RE fitting, if you want them fitted to loose wheels at Brands on the 15 May, get down there a bit earlier and Phil the tyre guy will fit and balance them well and im sure hell be a lot cheaper.

Loose wheels? They’ll be on the bike that I’m riding? Will I have to take em off myself before I see him?

Looks like the pickup might be turned into a bike transporter!

Thanks for your advice guys, Pirellis it is, although I don’t think I can wait till the trackday, they’re a fraction off canvas at the moment

If you need tyres now then get the fitting charge included in the tyre price.
Merityre of Sunbury have done this for me but you`ll have to bring the wheels to them. Changing the wheels is not difficult and it will cost a lot more if you get someone to do it for you.
There is a Merityre in Kingston too. Not sure if they do motorcycle tyres though.

Cheers B

Is this a good price?


I’m confident enough to take my wheels off, just didn’t fancy borrowing peoples bits on the trackday morning

Id say thats a reasonable price but by the time youve paid for fitting itll be well over £200.
Might be a lot easier and similarly priced getting them fitted by a local supplier.

fair enough, gunna buy a set off Gareth in preperation for Brands this month, prob need a new pair halfway into French tour, (over 3k miles last time )

Thanks again for advice

I had Pirelli Diablos on my hornet, aren’t the Diablo “Corsas” a softer, stickier compound mainly for track use or the same tyre?

Yes the Diablo Corsas are a softer more track focused tyre, the Diablo is more of an all round sport road tyre.

BTW if you`re still after a 17 inch front wheel then i can put you in contact with a guy who has a Marvic for sale.

I think it is Super Corsas that are the super sticky trackday version, no tread out to the edge rennsport style. They are not a good choice for road use as they take longer to warm up and are pretty lethal in the wet. There is also the issue of warm up cycles - arent they just designed to warm/cool 6/7/8 times [like rennsports] before they go off big stlye ?

My 1000was fine on plain old Diablo Corsas on the track and still have some good life left in them.

I can recommend Wraysbury tyres in Chertsey [Shepperton side of the river] not the cheapest [£200ish for Pirelli Diablo Corsas] but that is a RIRO - ride in - ride out price - you just stand there and watch. They do trackday support and the guy there knows exactly what he is doing. As B says, Focused events tyre guy is excellent and very cheap [£170 iirc]

Ahhh now it all becomes clear, theres are

Pirelli Diablo (road), Pirelli Diable Corsa (road) and Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa (track)

Take a look here if your interested

http://www.seastarsuperbikes.co.uk/Tyre%20Diablo%20H%20PD.php?cat=tyres&page=1 This is where I’ll get mine from. Luckly theres a bike shop that will fit them within walking distance from my house so I can just carry them round then take the bike Would’ve liked the corsas though but not sure I’ll be riding hard enough to gain full advantage of them anyway

Right i`ll Put my anorak on.

PIRELLI DIABLO. good all round road tyre

PIRELLI DIABLO CORSA. same tread pattern etc, softer compound, great road sports tyre or good tracKday tyre.

PIRELLI DIABLO SUPERCORSA PRO STREET COMPOUND. less tread to edge of tyre, trackday tyre with one road compound for longevity.
Will work very well on the road too, just get heat into them first.

PIRELLI DIABLO SUPERCORSA PRO. This is a fantastic trackday or race tyre with achoice of four compounds, same profile and tead patten as
pro street, my favourite.