Tyre Puncture

Morning all,

I just had the joy to discover a massive screw in my back tyre as I rode to work this morning - I wondered why the handling was all over the shop :crazy:

I’ve now managed to push my bike home but could really do with some recommendations for tyre fitters close to Borough/Elephant & Castle or for for an on-site service, can anyone recommend anything?

Thanks all!!

Chas-bikes…Near the Union pub in, I think, Union Street.

If it’s still there.

or FWR FWR LTD Britain’s Cheapest Tyres! Contact Details and Map

FWR Kenington lane 0207 820 7818

Cheers guys seems BT45s aren’t cheap…

Thanks again for all your input guys, went down to ChasBikes in the end as they had the tyre in stock, good gruys and fast turnaround means I’m back on the road!

One last thought, can anyone recommend a good tyre puncture repair kit, I’ve heard about this goo stuff which apparently blocks any holes…