Tyre problems

Hi everyone.

My back tyre was practically flat yesterday when I got out of work, so checked it out today and there’s a nail stuck in it and looks like I’ve got a slow puncture. So need to get it sorted, looks like a fairly clean hole and my tyre’s fairly new so just want to get it patched up really, but haven’t got a clue of anywhere to go round here (west london area or Richmond area) and even if I find somewhere I don’t know if they’re decent or not. Thanks.

Search for Les, he’s round there somewhere, B will know, or send B a pm and ask about Les.

Hi Rockerchic,

Pop by me at SRS Motorcycles and we will do it for ya! We are based in Hammersmith (http://www.srsmotorcycles.co.uk/find-us/) or give me a call on (020) 8741 2114!


Hi. Thanks guys, got it booked in for today, so hopefully I shall be sorted soon, I love my bike to bits but it just seems to be one thing after another.

Dont get too disheartened, unfortunately punctures are pretty common around london, there is a lot of sharp rubbish on the roads! Just one of those things. Still gutting, hope you get it plugged OK.

Knowing where you live, Bill Bunns in South Ealing would be the closest to you.

194 South Ealing Road, Ealing
London, W5 4RJ

020 8560 6396

Cheers, I’ll check him out next time. Just got back from hammersmith, bikes running well again, so i’m happy.

Join the club luv…I’ve got a five to six hundred pound major service, tax and MOT coming up :frowning:

Still, get everything sorted on the bike in the shíte weather months, and then have it ready for the mild autumn :slight_smile:

Glad we could get you going again!! :slight_smile: