Tyre problems, what do you think???

Last year I had a new set of pilot power 2ct’s put on my Gsxr600k5 for a trackday at Brands, tyres worked well and after the day everything was fine until Michelin issued a worldwide recall on the front tyres as the compound was breaking up.

Universal tyres fitted a brand new 2CT front at no charge and everything seemed ok, however last week I took the bike out for its first blast on fast open roads and at speeds of 80 to 1?? I get a nasty judder/vibration which destabalises the bike.

It’s not enough to throw you into a tank slapper, however you would not feel comfortable/safe taking a high speed corner with your knee down.Even in a straight line the bike judders badly at speed.

Do you think Michelin/universal should have replaced both tyres for free to ensure even wear on the tyres or are they right to only replace the faulty front which has left me with a scary gixxer at speed?

Any advice would be welcome, before I end up buying a new rear out of my hard earned cash


Think you should get that looked at mate sounds like its out of balance, Ive had rears totally squared off but never had those symptoms your describing, perhaps they show up more on a sporty bike ? Check you head bearings as well as they can make handling out if they worn/knackered