Tyre Pressure _ Triumph Street Triple

Hi gorgeous bikers -
Could you please tell me what pressure I should have in my tyres please ?
Thanks a lot

34 front 42 rear

I find those factory pressures a bit hard for me. I have good feel and wear with 32Fr 36R. Particularly coming into winter and if you’re not riding two up.

also depends how much you weight.

On my daytona I run 36 front 40 rear
I weigh 26 stone

Hi thanks all
I am 58kg haha plus the clothing and rucksack - will be 65kg max… :slight_smile:
So what shall I do …

Front - ?
Rear - ?


Hmm. I reckon silveR6 might be best answering this one…

Just my opinion but I think you’ll get good feedback with something around the 30-32Fr and 34-36R kind of range.

I’m currently running 34F - 36R on my Speed Triple, I weigh a tad heavier than you and the bike weighs more too. but it’ll be a good starting point.

Which tyres have you got on the bike?


30-36 then :slight_smile: