Tyre place in N or W London?

Hi, all.

Continuing my rotten run of luck with tyres, I’ve picked up a very slow puncture - definitely in the rear, and possibly in the front, too (but it’s difficult to tell).

Can anyone recommend a decent tyre place either near Twickenham, or near Barnet?

As much as I’d love to get rid of the awful Pilot Road 2s I have on there at the moment, I can’t afford it - so it’ll have to be a repair…

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Essential Rubber N1…0207-241055

Awful Pilot Road 2?..i got pilot road 2ct’s…and they rock!! knee down in this weather…yep!!:smiley:

A few of us out west-ish use these guys

Wraysbury Tyres - 01932 562299

Unit 1 Woodley Yard, Chertsey Bridge Road, Chertsey, KT16 8LF

+1 with Trisckie… very good service.

Hey John, try Protyre in Enfield, right on the A10,Great Cambridge Road.Dan at the motorcycle bay, big thumbs up, brilliant guy, I trust him 100%:smiley:

This place should have a skull and crossbones flying on their flagpole:D

They are between 20 and 30 quid a pair dearer than Essential and FWR:cool:

well chunky you might be right on that one…:ermm: but I still go there coz I know he does a proper job:)

Feltham Tyre Centre is not too far from Twickenham

Thanks, all!

Sorry for not replying sooner; I’ve just moved, and I haz no infoweb in my new place at the moment. iPhones are a tad fiddly for long posts! :smiley:

I’ll give the place in Feltham a go, I think - it’s on my way home.

If you go to Feltham, you will meet the guy with one arm that does the bikes!

I went to the Feltham place this morning.

They put a plug in for £35. And I got to watch Robin of Sherwood on the TV while I was waiting.

5150 be happy. :slight_smile:

This is where I’ll be going, 20 quid more than ER but more convenient.

I’ll be going to ER when I change my tyres - but it was a bit far to go for a repair.

The Feltham place quoted me £230 fitted for front and rear Dunlop Roadsmarts - sounded a bit pricey to me…

if i remember well thats how much my Michelin 2CTs cost from protyre…