Tyre leaking from rim losing 3-5 psi a day

I’ve a couple of air leaks from a tyre rim (losing 3-5 psi a day) after a quick clean of the alloy rim inside failed and I’m unsure which is the best - take to a bike dealer, take to a tyre dealer (Kwikfit/National Tyres/whoever), DIY refit tyre with bead sealant or DIY tyre leak stopper (eg Slime).

Anyone got any advice?



I would stick some Punturesafe in it (AKA Ultraseal) - much better and cheaper than Slime.

if leaking from the rim then surely something wrong with the wheelrim or the tyre rim itself.

i reckon any sealant would only hide the problem.

last re: you can have a tube put in :smiley:

As he said, rim is flaking. That can be repaired, but Tyre servants are very good at dealing with poor seals at the rim or valve.

are you sure its the rim? you may have a small nail or something similar lodged in the tyre somewhere…

similar to what i had a few months back - which i didnt spot initially as the nail in question got hidden in with the small stones etc that were stuck onto the tyre… worth having a closer look