Tyre help

ellooo everyone…

I need to change my tyres on my 07 zx6r… the offical kawasaki tyres are:

Front tyre dimensions: 120/65-ZR17
Rear tyre dimensions: 180/55-ZR17

Can i get away with putting on a 120/70-ZR17 front?

Where can i get a good deal for the pair… considering either Contis or Pirelli?
want them to be able to do a few track days and last about 5-6 months on the road…(wishful thinking me thinks!)

Lots of choices, all depends on a lot of things, but my vote is Michelin Road Pilot 2 (for long wearing) or Pilot Power 2CT for more grip.

Where to get them, again a choice, but north london is essential rubber, south london is FWR.

There are certainly a lot of good things said about 2CTs.

Essential Rubber are at: 27 Downham Road. N1 5AA
Telephone: 020 7241 0055

I say get the black ones :smiley:

+1 Essential Rubber, they are great people.

+1 2CT are top notch, depends when you need them but Michelin have a new range coming out soon, they reckon even better, heat up quicker and the heat stay’s in for a longer time. called something One’s…

thanks peeps… Essential Rubbers it is…:smiley:
gotta got the zzr 14 and the zx6r…maybe i can get a deal.

any ideas about the front tyre question? cheers

Essential Rubber and Avon Vipers on my ZX6 (from Essential Rubber :D) prob best to stick with the original sizes but check with the nutcases at ER… Qx

Avon Vipers are fantastic (and cheap!)
120/70 on a ZX6 is no problem - you’ll probably not even notice the difference.

Hi Zee, Great bunch at Essential rubber, highly recommended! I have had both new tyres and plugs done there. Make sure you ask for the LB discount and they will knock some money off. :slight_smile:

I know its not eh same bike but below is a copy of an e-mail i sent to fast bike magazine,

I expect you get this all the time but I really could do with some help,
I have a 06 BLADE 1000RR and need some new tyres, I currently have a set of BRIDGESTONE BT014’s and am going to FRANCE in a few weeks
Mr riding style is not on the ROSSI scale but i am pretty confident about handling a bike and have been riding for 5 years.
My regular rides consist of dry, medium to fast road and are usually about 200 miles.
I understand that the dual compound 014 is good pound for pound and this would be a great lasting tyre for France but I need to have more fun and grip.
I have been recommended Conti road attacks, Michelin pilot power 2ct and diablo corsa 3’s.
I need some guidance please

and below is the response,

Hi Jim,

This is a fairly easy one to be honest… Get yourself the Michelin Power 2CTs, the Diablo Corsa IIIs, or some Bridgestone BT-016s – they’ll all give you an impressive mix of handling and durability. Personally I’d go for the 2CT, and it’s the tyre we use on our Sportsbike of the Year test as a control tyre, and stands up very well on both road and track.

Hope that helps,

All the best


good luck

ok ive had a few tyres on mine and by far the best tyre for all rounder is the Pilot Road 2ct. I got 10K out of the back still has about another 1k of wear and fronts where about 75% gone.

This time round decided to try Dunlop Road smart and I am very suprised.

Ok both are amaazing grip in the wet but I find the road smart have better leaned over grip bike feels more planted but just not that noticable to be honest does help side are softer. Its not going to get me more than 6-8K use. Already done just under 3K and back started to flat off slightly but these are amazing better than bridgestone.

personaly those the only two i go for. If I did do track days,I would run the Power 2ct’s and a freind has them and can’t get enoguh of them.I go to fwr for my tyres local to work and always been amazing on price and service.

hi aposegil

its recardo…:stuck_out_tongue:

i am sure they will sort you out.

Michelin Pilots rock…wether its the 2CT Roads or pilot powers…i have had both on my SV’s…currently have pilot road 2CT’s on my thou…cant fault them;)

hello mate :slight_smile:

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