Tyre fitting

Hi all, hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sun.

Does anybody know a place that will fit tyres not purchased from them? I need a new front tyre and have found a good deal online but need it fitting.


a lot will fit them if you take the wheels down…

theres a courier outfit in park royal that carged me 10 quid to take the wheel of and fit the tyre.


thats where it is if you need it

FWR in Kennington will…

Tadworth Tyres in uhmmmm Tadworth… Do it for a tenner a wheel

Thanks chaps, I will get ordering.


It where I took mine got it done for a fiver with no waiting time

I think Essiential rubber will do it aswell!

I think Essiential rubber will do it aswell!

Hi guys, I have the same situation. Have my own tyres to fit to loose wheels but cant find anywhere that will fit them for a reasonable price.

I rang Southern cross to ask them to confirm it was a fiver per loose wheel and he said no it must be someone else! HE said htey charge by the hour and wouldnt give a price. THis is the place I rang http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1079/28812.php

Is that the one that people can get it done for a fiver?


Hi give Les a call he will do them.

LJ Motorcycle Repairs

Unit D1, Swan Island, Strawberry Vale, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 4RX

Tel: 020 8891 2299
Plus he will sort you a discount for being a LB member.

Thanks, do you know roughly what he charges to fit to loose wheels? THanks.

Oooh just up the road from me…do you know if he fits to wheels on the bike and if so how much he charges?