Tyre fitting 2

Anybody recommend a good tyre fitter in West London? Have tyres and quoted £40 per tyre from Feltham Tyre Centre but I’ve never used them. Used to use HGB but felt they ripped me off last visit and pretty sure they’re more than above. Cheers. Oh and this new site is a bollock ache to post on. Title too short, title already used! WTF!

This new site is EXCELLENT.

Title too short? Eh? Just write a descriptive title: “I’m looking for a tyre fitter in West London please” would have helped everyone, and probably solicited a useful response sooner.

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As useful as your response?

Oh look, Vern’s here to bitch about LB again

And YOUR fkin response is exactly why this site is dead (last rideout?). I post a bike related question and all I get are two whiney bitch responses from keyboard warriors.

To be fair you do have a history of complaining a lot.

Sorry bud but if grizzled bikers can’t tell you, no one can.

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