Tyre choice poll!! Summer is coming...


Im longing for the day i get rid of the oem 016’s from the blade and looking for some lovely summer tyres.

My usage on this bike is mainly weekend rideouts and a few trackdays (which i ride to).

I’ve had 2 sets of Michelin Pures which i really like, but i’m wondering if there is something out there which i might prefer…

If anyone else has recommendations, please let me know!

Pirelli diablo corsa rossos for me been on them since launch last year very sticky and great tyres

Nice - well vote then!! :wink:

BTW - are the “bsb’s” no where near as good?? they seem a lot cheaper…

To begin the inevitable 'people posting the tyres they have on currently and say they’re the best…

…Metzeler sportecs!

r they the m3 or m5’s??

I’ve got M5’s, you’d probably want M3 for track use

The BSBs are good but me and 3 mates had them and after 1000 miles the centre of the tyre blistered and fell apart pirelli sent us our money back after seeing them rossos are much better worth the bit more mate

I would vote but you don’t have rossos on the list fella nothing like the supercorsas I don’t like them myself but then all the tyres available today are good it depends on what your looking for mileage ect and tell you the truth alot of it’s in your head swell were not Valetino Rossi and will never ride to the stage on the roads were we say oh wish I had such and such tyre on for that road ay

Metzeler racetecs for me

prefer in what way? better mileage? more grip (and if so when). if the tyres are gripping and not sliding on track, you prob dont need more than the pures. racetecs and supercorsas will give better high temp performance but at the expense of mileage and low temp performance (road riding). they are also more iffy in the wet on the road.

which group do you ride on track days? do you have wows?

doubt you’ll find many people who have tried all 4 of those tyres

I’m, not after milage, I think for me its grip at lower temperatures (which i hear the power one roads are good for…?).

Since i had a cold tyre off in Jan, its always in the back of my mind…:ermm:

I know the Pures are good in higher temps too and tbh, i dont think im fast enough to overheat a tyre of that calibre (or any of the above).

I’ve always been in the novice group for track days, but i tend to get held up quite a bit so I should venture into the Inters but hear it can be a bit of a sh!t fight in there?? I rarely get passed in the novice group so maybe its time to leave the armbands and stabilizers behind!

Note - Sorry about the Rosso’s comment, i thought they were the same tyre… clearly not.

i’ve just had a set of 003’s put on mine. I got a good price to just went with the recommendation given by a friend… I would be interested to hear some views on them if anybody has experience of them. I’m only really a summer rider and hoping to get some track days in too (novice group) :wink:

There isn’t a Tyre invented that is going to be up to working temperature in the short distance between the Ace and the 1st corner. Maybe you need to adjust your riding style to the road and conditions and tyre temperature.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the advice, it’s really appreciated and especially coming from such a calm and collected rider as yourself :wink:

If you want cold grip pretty much all the track oriented tyres (e.g. the 003s) will be rubbish. Try Sportsmarts – pretty good in the cold and wet on road (far better than BT016s) and I’ve used on quite a few trackdays on my 05 blade. As with you I usually ride to a track (mid of inters group), do a fair amount of road miles on them and need something that works at normal road temps. Drop the pressures and away you go on track – never had them slide in the dry and warm up fairly quickly. Also got over 4700 miles on the last set so pretty long lasting for a sticky(ish) road tyre on a litre bike.

I’ve also been told that Rossos are great but don’t have experience of them.