Typical California biker for ya ;)

sorry to intrude but after laughing at the photo, I realised every time I stop at traffic lights, there is always a young lady on a scooter in heeled shoes and (weather permitting) a short skirt, fancy leather gloves and there’s a topbox on the back that no doubt spends it’s life empty!!!..will people every learn?..or pizza delivery boys (no offence speedy racer!) wearing t shirts and shorts with trainers -riding like lunatics and basically an accident waiting to happen!!!..I have even asked a guy why his girlfirnd on the pillion hasn’t got gloves on and he responds with I’m only dropping her off down the road!!!..I’ve even caught myself lecturing some guy to buy his girlfriend some decent gloves and jacket once at a parking bay once after explaining that although his scooter only does 30mph, when he is side swiped by a car doing 30 also, his girlfriend won’t be looking as pretty or be as ambidextrious as she is now…our taxes get swallowed up in their medical bills remember…I’ve even though about getting a sticker on the back of my helmet giving my blood type recently just in case…(saw it on a Paris Dakar bike recently n thought that makes sense)

That’s well over-dressed compared to Romford in the summer.