Typical California biker for ya ;)

so my friend back home took this pic today :slight_smile: classic imbecile :slight_smile:

it’s obvious his feet are not important. i guess there’s wheelchair for that :wink:

maybe next week i get to see more of these when i go home for a visit :stuck_out_tongue: more pics to come!



Well I’m impressed… He/she is wearing a helmet

Don’t laugh I saw a guy in Leytonstone on a ducati wearing the same footwear.

When I first saw him with a crash helmet I figured he had to be a scooter rider, and he went out the shop and got on a ducati, can’t remember what but it was a streetfighter looking bike with 2 exhausts under the seat, weren’t a little piece of crap.

I mean flip flops ffs, my feet hurt when I wear trainers and change gear, that little lever really digs in.

Once for a laugh, I rode through town in my running shorts, trainers and super gay tight gym top on the 1098S…

Someone shouted “fag” whilst I rode past:D

i guess my “people” are excuse then :stuck_out_tongue: i thought only there such stupidity exists hahaha :smiley:

it’s crazy though. :wink:

Was this before or after the South Park episode?

I must be slow because I dont get that :frowning:

hahaha South Park is funny!:smiley:

Americans are really stuipd lol but then again people ride like that here too :confused:

shame it looks like its not done up!:w00t:

Each to their own I suppose but surely it must hurt to change gear in flip flops!! :w00t:

Well, there’s nothing like style of substance! That must cane to shift gear…be nice to just say that it’s their choice to do it, but when it goes tits up the mess is so much worse and actually the effects of it are dealt with by other people. So it’s just selfish and ignorant really.

Equally worrying, they ain’t got any gloves on.

The irony… :laugh:

Take care with generalizations, eh? Brits have bad manners and bad teeth…but…people here do too. It cuts both ways.

How very true

This reply will be a classic :slight_smile:

and we bite too :crazy: :smiley:

Fag! :D:P;)

Oh how I’m laughing right now. :smiley:

Ally where are you from? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! That is frikking funny!:hehe::hehe::hehe: Legend!

if you have a strong stomach type in degloved ( <<<or click )into googles image search ( without any filters paramters)

best advert why to wear gloves and boots in my opinion