Type of music you listen to whilst you ride

Last night on the ride home I decided to have a bit of a chill out, music wise.

With the new genius bit on the iPod I selected chilled tune and it built me a very soothing playlist.

Took me a while to realise but I wasn’t doing my usual “ride it like you nicked it” style and in some places i was 15-20 mph slower than I would be normally.

Got home feeling nice and relaxed.

Tried it again this morning. The ride was much more pleasant, even found myself being more tolerant with the morning numpties.

i listen to slipknot/metallica/drum n bass when riding on m-ways, sometimes in town…i do notice that i can concentrate alot better…i dont know if it slows me down or speeds me up, i do know that i dance at teh traffic lights…get some right looks!:w00t:

top gun soundtrack makes me ride much faster:laugh:

I listen to the sweet sound of a V-Twin :slight_smile:

I’ve never listened to music on a bike - I’m not convinced I could concentrate properly - plus I like to be able to hear if bits have fallen off etc!

beatifull!:slight_smile: funny enough i can hear mine even with music…about time you were a seargent in the massive:D

my exhaust

Me too! Sept for mines a single, but the Snap, crackle & pops on over run are just what I need to hear!

I listen to the not too gentle howl of a triple engine singing though a baffle free exhaust. No need for any other music in my books when I am riding… :D:D

I don’t listen to music whilst riding, I’d find it too distracting, plus I’d end up deaf from my exhaust if I didn’t wear earplugs !

In the car I listen to all sorts. I have a CD I put on occasionally which is an 80 minute mix of real hard acid techno, but the mrs doesn’t like me listening to it while driving cos apparently it makes my drive like a bit of a lunatic ! :hehe:

I wouldn’t feel properly in control of my bike if I listened to music while riding. I don’t really like having the music up too loud when I’m walking with my ipod, because I like being able to hear what’s going on around me.

Also the earpiece I wore when taking my CBT hurt like hell under the helmet so don’t think I could wear my earphones if I wanted to!!

Does anyone else’s ears really hurt from their helmet sometimes (wihtout earphones) or is it just me? (and it’s not too tight :P)

akrapovic in d minus


Have ya got big ears ? :stuck_out_tongue:

With any hemlet there’s always going to be a bit pf pressure on your lugholes, although some lids have more space for them than others. You could try a balaclava type thing underneath, making it easier to get it on and off ?

Same here plus I like to know if someone is razzing up to undertake me in stupid places :wink:

Besides why buy a 1,500 quid exhaust system to listen to muzak :stuck_out_tongue:

I have ridden with people who have jumped out of their skin when the fire truck has buzzed them :w00t:

No music for me - Just recently discovered the bliss of earplugs and wont do without now….

Also, makes it easier to ignore this annoying fairing buzz that STILL IS NOT FIXED as the damper kits are on back order :angry:

sod listening to music , i want to be aware of alll the twats around me …

anyway the sreaming scorpian sounds good enough :smiley:

i love having music on, not all the time.when i ride to work i rarely do, but when the suns out and the lanes bekon…i need a riding soundtrack…hell i can even hear my slider touch down with music on!:w00t::smiley:

The only music that I listen to on the bike, is the ones that I hear pumping out of cars, as I filter through them!

Bop - e.g. Miles or Bird,
Techno - e.g. Jeff Mills, Steve Bicknell,
House - e.g. Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak,
Rock - e.g. Cream, The Who,
Various Brasilian stuff.

I don’t find the music distracting at all.

It’s no louder than the wind noise I get when I’m riding without the earphones or earplugs in.

I can also still hear all that’s going on around me.