Two-year-old Yueyue.........

Sweet little Yueyue,

I am sat here at 3am with my house so quiet, everyone is asleep, and i stare at this screen with nothing but your image in my mind.

We were worlds apart but you touched so very deep into my heart as i read about you.

I think of your empty bed now, in your cold dark room, and the toys you once played with as you smiled so dear, your innocence so pure.

I think of my own daughter about your age, and can’t help but want to somehow turn back time and cocoon you with myself to protect you and take the force of the blow…the same as i would do for my own…but i can’t, and that is whats really knawing at me deep inside.

Tonight and forever you will sleep, but you will not be forgotten. for you have touched the hearts of many and no doubt they feel the same as i do.

sleep tight little darling, please don’t be scared, your with the angels now and they will look after you…i promise.

Sweet dreams xx

Blimey chap, that’s left the missus and me with tears in our eyes. Well written.

Let’s build a memorial for her, we can put it next to the Princess of Hearts Fountain.

+1. Would be good to do something like that. And/or how about a donation to a children’s charity such as UNICEF?

Either way, I’d donate a few quid.

Just another thought - how about a request to LB forum members to boycott Chinese bikes?

we all know they are **** anyway…

Wow nice words