TWO weeks to the KILLSPILLS Rally

Rally sets off for Westminster about 1pm mate and usually gets back around 3.30-4 ish. But there’s stuff going on 'til well into the night with the Ace party and stuff.

so who is going on the diesel spills??

I will be there along with a mate from birmingham!

Ooh, ooh, I am!

Getting dead excited now, too!
I wore my KillSpills t-shirt over my leathers on the way to work this morning!

Will most likely be joining you guys on this one with my housemate as pillion (she loves bikes ). What time are you guys planning to meet at the Ace…11am? I think a group of guys are coming from the forum too which should be cool.

maybe a bit earlier

oh yeah…there’ll probably be a few bikes there

Does anyone fancy meeting by the Infinity @ Hanger Lane and then riding to the Ace together?

Just a suggestion as it might be very difficult to meet up at the Ace itself.

Looking forward to coming to this even though I havn’t been able to head to newbie meet or Cubana yet - will just have to get my round in there.

We’ll probably look to get to the Ace around an hour before the planned leaving time.

They still haven’t contacted us about this. The mind boggles. I’ll send them an email asking them if they want to tell another god knows how many bikers in London, lol.

Seeing as this is my first rideout, can anyone advise of the protocols around baffles - in or out? I know that there will be some sort of police presence but are they likely to pick people up for this or not?

Might just be me over-worrying but thought it best to check in case anyone has had any baffle related brushes with the law at rideouts in the past.


Hey MR K, you’ll be fine. The Police there are to support the event and make sure everyone gets around safely, they don’t care about your bike. Last year was good fun, even with the downpour we had at one stage!

Pictures in the gallery:

jonesy and i are planning to be there before 11

As a follow up to svstreetfighter’s post, I’m planning to meet up with about 10 from the crew at the ESSO opposite the Ace at about 10.45ish. I’m sure this is going to be a very popular destination for people to fuel up (both bikes and themselves) before the ride.

If you are interested, head over.

I’m aiming to get to the Ace for about 11, so I’ll just keep an eye out for friendly looking LBers

Oh, and the weather’s meant to be ok!

oh and i have my LB tshirt - so will be wearing that and will be on a copper hornet! so for those who i have not met come over and say hi…

Keti - will call you when i get there!!

just realised that the time advertised for this is not departure at 13.00, but its a departure at 11.00 - therefore i aim to be at the ace for 9.00 am…

AbbeyJ - Think you might have misread somewhere. I got the email from the Spills guys with the Agenda.

Brief Highlights include:

11.45AM - BMF Award

12.15 - 12.30PM - Rally Briefing by Marshalls and Bikesafe

13.00 - Mount up and head off

15.00 - Leave Westminster to return to Ace

No need to set the alarm that early.

cool thanks!

I’ve attached the email I was sent from the team. I think they have put 11AM down knowing that people are going to be coming through in stages.

If you’re that 9, you will probably get a sweet spot in the rally though - right at the front.

oh hell no

i am gonna sleep in i think!!