TWO weeks to the KILLSPILLS Rally

Message from KillSpills team leader, Stephen Edwards:

We are only two weeks away from the third annual KillSpills Rally on the 9th September.

The first rally attracted 750 bikers, last year we had 2,500 bikes (and that was in the rain), lets make it 4,000 bikes this year.

The rally runs from the Ace Café London to Westminster. I know it’s a long way away, but it is a really fantastic day.

After our first rally, Government were silent, they thought if they ignored us we would go away. Within a month of last years rally, and having taken 2,500 bikes through central London, KillSpills was invited to a meeting at the DfT. Since then, I have been to more meetings with them, and have another scheduled for the day before the rally.

Government are listening to us bikers, which is absolutely fantastic.

Visit and follow the link to the forum to arrange a rideout to the event, or see if one is already planned.

Are YOU fed up with diesel spills?

Do YOU want to take part in the largest motorcycle road safety rally London has ever seen?

Do YOU want to win £900 of riding kit? Yes?


9th September 2006 Ace Cafe London

The KillSpills Rally is designed to be a fun filled day, delivering an important road safety message to Government. All junctions are closed by the Metropolitan Police BikeSafe London Team to provide an uninterrupted ride from the Ace Cafe to Westminster and back. We ride past Buckingham Palace, the Mall, Trafalgar Square and park in front of Parliament. Wave at the public and when parked up, tell them how great biking is and what the run is all about.

The aim of the KillSpills Campaign is to show the Government, industry and general public the dangers diesel spills represent, whilst promoting motorcycling as a safe and responsible form of transport.

Sign the KillSpills Anniversary Card which will be handed into Number 10, which will be on the BMF stand.


is it open to any bike? because i only ride a 50cc?

this thing is openn to anyone, riding anything, of any size. i was there last year and will be going again this year, its a good cause and it is something that affects us all.

come along for a bit of fun, spread the word as well, everyone is invited.

I’ll be there. It’ll be a great day out and it helps make others aware of Diesel spills!

Don’t know how they’re gonna squeeze 4000 (est) bikes in to the Ace though?

Wolfie’s absolutely right mate. We barely go over 20mph the whole way mate, so don’t worry about getting left behind, it ain’t gonna happen!

wicked, looking forward to having a good time then!

one more week to go!!

abbeyj going to fast again?

its 2 weeks away on the 9th, and dont forget the Brighton Burn Up on the Sun 10th. Cheek the Ace site more details, last year there was so many bikes Brighton was vitually overflowing.


its cos i am so excited - this weekend is my first aid course i am doing, doh!!!

Righto. I emailed a chappie about attending the Kill Spills Rally so I’ll be there too

What’s this Brighton Burn Up thing, then?

YOU 20mph? that like the pain when your mum took your dummy away from you? (that must hurt!)…(smile)

lol! What, you saying I went more than 20mph on Sunday?

Ill be going to this if im around

Whilst this is indeed fantastic news, if that KITT rep in your avatar is real and is yours, bring that will ya 'cos I wanna see it!

Oh ok, bring your bike…

it is real and it was mine unfortunatly i sold it about a month ago as i didnt have the time or money to keep her going.

if you check the Ace Cafe site under special operations there are some pic’s of the last few years in the Reunion Weekend.The basic idea is to get to Brighton for a fun day out by the seaside,and as we all go on the same day that equates to thousands of bikes heading south at the same time.Last year one report said “tens of thousands”. You can meet at the Ace or anywhere you like on the way, it depends where you are starting from.

Less than a week to go and the weather’s lookin’ pretty good so far!

Ooh, I’m getting excited!

By the way folks, if you’ve got any questions about the rally, check out or email me on [email protected] and I’ll see if I can help!

I will be turning up early to get a T shirt but cant do the run as I have to go and pick up my kids.

I should be coming…what time does it usually finish???

not sure

who wants to meet up then?