Two videos Rossi Camera onboad!

One on the yamaha and other on the Honda! From

i even sat here moving my head from side to side…great onboard stuff

WOW! WOW! WOW! I could watch a whole race like that!

Fantastic, it made me feel like a racer for five minutes! Isn’t it funny how this video makes the most powerful sportsbike sound almost like it’s being ridden sedately? Compared to IL4’s that is… Rossi is super smooth, even though he’s bouncing off the rev-limiter every gear.

That’s definitely the rider! Rossi is so smooth!!!

Just once in my life…I’d like to know what it feels like to ride a motorcycle like Rossi can. Impossible dream, I know…but to have that skill just once…to experience it…would be AMAZING.

there’s to people in this world i’d love to be for a day

no.2 is Rossi

no.1 is Ron Jeremy

two great riders

Google ron jeremy if your unsure

no.1 is Ron Jeremy


Gregman, I’m with you on that one… Oh to be Rossi, just for one day!!!

I would like to be a woman for one day. It would be a veeeery busy day…

Have just googled Ron Jeremy! That’s really not a bad idea! You naughty boy!

ha ha told ya