Two stroke spares???????

Just purchased a 30 year old Suzuki gt250 X7 for Mrs Gsxr, does anyone know of a good supplier/breakers of parts???

Bike being delivered next week, I’ll keep you updated, will it run or is it a dog?

If you have any tips on restoring/looking after an old bike let me know?



Nice one:)

Get yourself a copy of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, loads of ads for old bike spares suppliers in there:)

Good Luck:cool:

crooks suzuki have a good load of spares for the older bikes, not sure about the x7 but they are worth a try…flea bay always good…

tips on looking after them…

  1. dont change the exhausts for non standard pipes,

  2. use good two stroke oil but dont go buying really expensive stuff…complete waste

  3. Dont forget it is old and parts just break, so you cant treat it like your a 17 year old on a new toy…be gentle with it…

  4. Keep it dry

  5. Keep it clean

  6. It will vibrate loose loads of nuts and bolts so watch out and clean it and check the nuts and bolts at the same time…specialy the oil drain plug, the engine mounting bolts etc

  7. Try to stick to the standard air filter and carb settings…two strokes are a pig to set up…or can be…

  8. Not sure about the x7 but most suzuki two strokes wont run without a charge in the battery so be warned, keep your battery topped up…

thats all i can think of that is specific to oldies for now anyway

Oh one last thing likely you will need to fill the fork legs with thicker oil…very soft on the x7 as i remember…

Great advice from 2strokes . About all you need to know except:

Carry some pre two stroke oil with you. Not many filling stations have the stuff any more.

X7 doesn’t use premix 2T. Its Posilube so as long as you keep the oil tank topped up you’ll be OK;)

Good luck. Lovely bike.

I almost bought one when I started out 30 years ago.

Nothing like a good 2-stroke! I’ve had RD250, RD350, RD500(!) and RGV250. Would love to have another, but they’re all too old for me at the moment.


Thanks for the info, great advice 2strokes, will contact you if I need further advice.

I can smell that 2 stroke oil, just like the old days.

nice one i had one when i was 18 looks very simaler to my old gsx250et just a 2t lool. most suzuki dealers can still get bits and bobs or ebay also try fowlers etc have fun:D AND WATCH THAT POWER BAND MY OLD MAN NERLY FLIPED MINE WITH MUM ON THE BACK WOT A LAURTH!:w00t:

Can you still get micron exhausts, the one with the bean can ends?