Two police bikes - goodmans yard bike park, nr Tower bridge

Got a finger wagging from two plod on bikes this morning. As I enthusiastically accelerated from a slow bend at the bottom of Minories I found myself 10 feet from two police bikes. I did my best to slow smoothly without slamming the anchors on when I stopped at the lights I found myself flanked by them. One of them spent a few moments suggesting I should be more gentle with my right hand. I nodded enthusiastically and rode off as smoothly as I could muster.

Reckon they are still sat there.

I saw them this morning at 10:00ish as I gingerly rolled around the corner from under the railway bridge coming North from Tower Bridge. Lucky for me I had new tyres put on the ZX-6 15 minutes earlier at FWR so I was slow! By the time I parked up and walked past to the office they were both gone.