Two-piece leathers for sale - £100

I made the classic mistake and bought these from an auction site thinking that they’d fit. Unfortunately they dont!!It’s not a very clear picture, so I can take and send better ones if anyone’s interested.

Leathers are in near perfect nick with a full waist zip so are perfect for trackdays (which is why I bought them but never managed to use them) and come complete with armour and sliders.

They’d fit someone who’s around 5’10" to 6’0" of medium/large build. I’m 6’2" and 16.5 stone, I can get them on, but I can’t move once I’m on the bike!!

£100ono or PM me if you would like to pick them up (Wallington).

I’m was interested, I thought I was a 48 but I’m 5’8ish and 11 stone so I think they’ll be masses too big :frowning:

Yeah they will be Mr Groovy, I am 5’10" 12st and 48uk was too large for me.

Before you sell, have you thought about having them altered? Wasp on this site can do all that sort of thing and she is very good at it, the 48uk leathers I mentioned above needed taking in to fit me and Wasp got them down to fit perfect.

Might be worth talking to her.

if you had put these up 2-3 weeks ago I would have taken these from you as I bought a new set.

Why don’t you go and try them on ;):smiley:

cos it’s a 2 hour ride each way! :stuck_out_tongue: