Two new speed cameras - Clapham South/Common A3

Hi All,

New to LB.

There are two new speed cameras (30mph) on the A3 (going south) between Clapham Common and Clapham South tube stations.

Spoke to one of the engineers at 13.00 today and they aren’t yet on, and not sure when they’ll be live.

They’re the tall ones as per the one opposite Infinity Motorcycles in Clapham North.

Safe riding.

I think they’re the combined red light/speed cameras that Rusty posted about a few weeks back. Just beyond the existing Gatso - it’d be an expensive road to speed down now, you could collect 9 points in half a mile.

two of those have been added to my commute, now i pass 5 cameras in a 6 mile commute :doze:
(more annoying when on nights and the roads are empty, cant beat my record time now)

Do you mean the A24? The A3 goes towards Clapham Junction from Clapham Common, not Clapham South. Do you have more details about where they are?

Quite right Bobzilla, they’re on that A24 at the lights near eagle pond and I think the lights at Cavendish rd.

Quite right, Bobzilla - they’re both on the A24. Apologies to all, and thanks also to monkimark.

new one by elephant castle on way to Waterloo/blackfriers found out the hard way when my pal got flashed