nearly crashed 2 times admiring women. I think I should keep my eyes on the road.

Well, d’uh. Are you in favour of the burka instead?

its summer and there is so many gorgeus women out there…they can cause so many accidents

It’s simple then. Ban them going out or cull them.

i have lost track on this …lol join the club

Get a tinted visor, it is great for those of us in the RSPB!!!

I nearly drove into the back of a car once doing this, did not learn my lesson though, they way I see it these girls are going to get me put in hospital…

So you all think women should wear big frumpy clothing cos you guys cant keep your eyes on the road??

******** to that one!!!

No, please don’t. It’s great practice as hazard perception!

talk about target fixation

what do you wear ?