Two KTM MotoGP bikes for sale

Best raid that piggy bank! They’re £260,000 each

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Oooo I was thinking of getting a track bike :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Imagine riding that in the novice group.


Watch this space for another LB competition where you can win a second hand motorcycle…


I know off someone who acquired/bought one of the last of the 2 Stroke Yamaha race bikes. He had it in his office in Regents Street. The thing smelt incredible and still drips oil and petrol.

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Is it a DRZ?

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He must have got tired of the KTM already. I’ll take it off your hands @Jay

Careful what you wish for Serrisan, remember I got rid of the tuono recently.

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Say it isn’t true