two faced people

so why are there so many people who are on this website two faced I keep hearing you lot down the ace cafe slagging off this site saying there all a bunch of c##ts who are **** riders and need a place to belong. So why us it then ???

There’s always room for another hypocrite, pull up a chair ;):smiley:

So why are you here then??? i see its your first post, or were you just seeing for yourself what they were on about?:wink:

Wot’s your point? And by the way i read your first post yesterday before it got pulled.

i think lb is a victim of its own success sometimes. Where there is such a large group of people concentrated in one place, there is always going to be personality clashes. I do personally also feel theres far to much bitching amongst some lb members, hence the reason i havent been on much lately

< Puts hands up>Blimey, he’s found me out.

It’s true, I only come here so I’ve got a group of people to make me look good on track.

Well, that and the fact that the server at has gone down again.*

BTW - according to the song, “Stacey’s Mum has got it going on.” Is this true?

*That’s my gurls favourite website!

This is my first visit. I know a lot of people in the biking community and well wonder why there all members on here and then they slag it off so yes I was interested in the reason but just seems wired that when asked they all say, " I only go on there for a laugh at the c###ts" so why is that

maybe cause theres lot of jokers on here?

why not ask them…?

LB is just a smaller version of the real world, its full of good people, arseh*les, people with a lot to say and others with nothing to say unless its negative, just deal with it.

Like the real world you get to pick your friends and enemies, find a group of LBers you like and it should be happy days from there on in.

the Artist :smiley:

seems to me some1 from another website etc is trying to stir the shlt.

Go Away!

Because they, themselves, are fools.

No one that I have got to know through LB has turned out to be a cnvt. Of course, there are a probably a couple of people that I wouldn’t hang around with, but I haven’t met them yet!
In fact I found myself to be very welcome even before I bought my first PTW, which IMO shows how mature this forum is.

Sorry to hijack your thread and praise LB.

Come to the LB newbie night at the Ace and meet a few people, then make up your mind about the members of LB. Then you can give the two-faced people your honest opinion.

thats a good point, i only hang round with the cool people :cool:

this man speaks the truth from what i see on the site,as i just sit here and read stuff and have done for over a year have your little gang of people that can do nothing wrong and anyone outside that group will get back stabbed till they slag someone off.then its them who are wrong and not the medoraters which i have read in the past,as they are very clicky and seem very good at stirring things up to make someone look bad.

Nice to meet you too Whoru, welcome to LB :P:D

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thank you for you help The Mod Team