Two Brothers Exhausts

Looking around for some new exhausts for the tractor and came across these.

Anyone had any experience of Two Brothers?



you mean to loud dont you? :stuck_out_tongue:

thats what they are…

OK you got me, yep I miss loud :smiley:

remus make some nice cans for BMW’s i think :stuck_out_tongue:

or akraprovic are IMO thes best zorst out there


I looked at remus and they have steel slip ons for the Dakar, I’ll have to check out akraprovic and see what they have

the 2 bros look great, nice and clean looking if that makes sense

ask arnie, although ur gonna hear him coming before you see him lol

I knpow a few people with 2 brothers exhausts who are all happy with them.

Thanks for all the replies.

Well after doing a bit more research I have decided to go with cans from Staintune.

OK they are not as pretty as others out there but they do a dummy exhaust for the right side that I can turn into extra storage for touring.