Two Brothers Exhaust

Hi Guys,

I have ordered the dual M2 cans for my fazer (awaiting anxiously for delivery) and was wondering whether anyone had installed these before.

The kit comes with clear indicators and number plate rack…do I need to use them or can I keep the original Yamaha ones on with the new exhaust?

Any tips/advice for fitting would be great as this is the first mod I am doing :).

Also, if there is anyone that could do the fitting for a cost that would be a great way for me to learn (PM me with a price please).


I did mine for my previous 2001 fireblade and it was simple enough but dont know what its like for the Fazer.

By the way they are great exhausts and mine were so good looking some prick stole it off the bike.

I am afraid of the same thing…rather they would probably have to nick the whole bike!!!