Twist of the Wrist II

Been reading this for the past few days and is it just me or this is:

a)badly written


c)alot worse than Sport Riding Techniques ?

I think it’s really well written and gets you thinking about what you’re doing on the bike and the implications of your actions and how to react to them.

There is a lot to take in though and can be confusing, but that’s because it’s easy to over analyse.

Keith Codes work has helped untold riders and racers around the world

If you don’t want the book, Scratcher43 could do with it

Agreed. Not clear at all.

The books have been criticised for being written in a sort of philosphical style, but owning both books, they’ve helped me a great deal.

Like B says, they make you think about your riding and try techniques to improve it.

I’ve heard good things about Sport Rider techniques though…Any material that makes you want to enhance your skill in riding gets my vote.

Actually, I need to get my books back from someone off here

there were a couple of things that were conflicting with what i have read up to now:
e.g. TotW says to load the outside peg in corners when I have read (and makes more sense) to load the inside peg.

btw the copies i have is electronic so if anyone wants either one PM me

To be honest this technique is quite advanced and not necessary for 99% of us mere mortals.

Stuff like this will make sense once all the basics are mastered. I liken his teaching to that of mathematics. You can’t do the difficult sums until you can do the adding and subtracting.

yeah i find loading the pegs very useful…

if i dont my feet tend to drag on the road

Hahaha…luv it Adz, i’ve got to remember that one for future use

Man I save money on brake pads by putting my leg on the rear tyre to slow down…BMX style

It sounds like they are conflicting about weighting pegs, but they are actually talking about different points on a bend.

It is an advanced technique, but what they are saying is that to set your lean for a corner, countersteer and weight the inside peg. However, once your lean is set and you’re progressing around the bend, weight your outside peg to help your tyres grip more so you can gas it out harder.

Andy that is logical and obvious something that this text isnt:

"Using the outside peg as your pivot point -while pressure is being applied to the bars, either by just pushing or using a combination push and

pull- reduces your weight on the seat and puts the majority of your weight on that lower, outside peg. Doesn’t putting weight on the outside

peg make the bike try to stand up? Not at all: Don’t forget the gyro effect from the wheels."

paralysis by analysis!!

Lol, yeah, I prefer my version!

I’ve got to say though that in general, I think it’s a great book. It taught me a lot.

its very well written. its confusing because its talking about difficult concepts, and not everyone agrees with monsieur code.

haven’t got my copy handy to check the bit your’e talking about in context but in terms of weighting pegs keith code is mostly talking about pivot steering. you dont steer with the pegs, the only thing you steer with is the bars. he is talking about pivot steering which is effectively using increased leverage on the bar by pushing from the outside peg to the inside clip on. pushing hard on the peg with your foot by trying to put your weight on it just stresses the peg

read twist of the wrist II in between the last two times i’ve been on track at brands. not sure just how much of it is just down to the book but was doing 1:03 to 1:06 the previous time (and pretty much the same on the previous ones), and doing 0:58 to 1:00 on the one just gone

no matter what the context of that, its still very confusing. Not exactly simplifying things. Then again he must have needed to waffle on for pages about rubbush to compile an entire book of info when he could have just said ‘don’t be such a wuss and GO FASTER’ on the first page and left th rest blank. Although i’m not sure that would be a best seller

LMAO memories of 80’s summerslooks wistful