Twilight Ride 14/09/08

Right then since i had my little 3am ride around london the other day and found it lovely i’m doing a run down to portsmoth. it will be on the 14th of september meeting at the ace at 3am and then riding down to portsmoth then back to box or ace for breakfast. all are welcome this is not a v-twin only ride. please do try not to ride like a nutter though people will be sleeping:cool: all in say I!:smiley:

Fella,will be on the next one,just comin back from france on that day,let me know the next one…:slight_smile:

cool will do

gotta sort my cam chain tensioner/adjuster thingy then im there!!

so i say I!!!:smiley:

knew i could count on wing man ratty:D

sounds liek summit out of Top Gun!:w00t:

yeah man the General will be in attendence!!

gonna get some sparky sliders just fior the occasion:D

haha nice one i’ll get working on it too

Well if this isn’t a joke… put me down for this one :slight_smile:

no joke my friend


Gonna have sparkies fitted too.

I’ll try to rayne her in but the TL is a hooligan and turns me into Mr Hyde on occasion…:wink:

ChooChoo, it’ll be good to see you.

I’m in for this one…

This way the missus can’t bitch that i’m out riding all day! :slight_smile: She can start bitching that i just sleep all day now!:smiley:

This is going to be a cool ride-out if it goes ahead :slight_smile:


This is as good as happening, H, R, and I don’t play on false threads.

Reps are at stake!!

Nice one Dunk Should be a good night :smiley:

I’m hoping to be in for this one - I’m due to finish work at 0200 that day anyway

One thing though, can we go to Newlands instead of Box for tea, much better…:smiley:

I’ll be up for this… any ideas on the route (ure not using the a3 are you?)

ATTTEENNNTION!!tell’em dunc!!:Dthe rep of the massive is at at stake!..cant wait to see sprkys proper fugging spark!!:w00t::D:D

your call foolio

3am??! :w00t:

Ill be in Rockingham for a trackday, otherwise this sounds like amazing fun.

P.S: You sure people will be alert enough for a blast at that hour?