twatty cyclist, you gotta laugh at these idiots.

so here the story.

yesterday out on the bike, i come up to the junction of jamaica rd and rotherhithe tunnel, now i am first at the line etc and although theres a keep clear box you still gotta keep a look out, so theres these cars blocked each other nothing bad but i knew 1 was gonna pull off at some point so waited, not for too long though when an idiot of a cyclist comes bombing past me and yes bang, car moves just as idiot cyclist comes past, he didnt brake at all and car hits him and down he goes to me telling wot a f*cking idiot he is, he whinges about said cars but i just say why do you think i was waiting?

he pulled himself and bike to side of the road and as i pulled off i reminded hime wat a prick he was, he was also coming down on the outside of the traffic so i hope he did hurt himself and bike was broke.

he was up and walking so dont worry too much about said pr*ck, lol

If only you had a helmet cam! Lol

There’re all arseholes round there. Try being a pedestrian and no-one stops for you at those crossings prior to the roundabouts. I know where you mean Choprocker and the cyclists are all utter twats. Doesn’t surprise me. I ride a bicycle and stop at all lights and pedestrian crossings, in fact I ride abiding all rules as if on my mbike. Nothing annoys me more to see those cyclists who can’t do the same. That roundabout can be pretty dangerous…

I saw a silly one today. There’s loads of roadworks around Tooley St. Traffic at a standstill, bus in front, with about a ft gap on the left to one of those big wire fences builders put up.

I pull up behind the bus on my push bike and wait, some other cycle twit tries to filter alongside the bus and gets his pedals caught in the fence.

I laughed as he wobbled left and right and tried to free himself from it :smiley:

that is a recipe for a slow and painful death. fool.

i blame wiggy for the increase in pushbikes.