Hola fello bike nuts!

Maybe be wrong but I thought I saw on here a thread on forthcoming TV listings. Thought to myself, at the time, that is a good idea but with the number of forums I’ve been trawling through recently I’ve forgotten where. Could have been another site Be good to know in advance as last weeks BSB coverage on ITV was utter shite. Does it ring a bell with anyone?



Go to our Home Page and there is a blue tab …tv listings. Welcome to LB and take a look at the Cubana Bike Meet as it was designed for Newbies along with longer standing Members to get together and say hello. Its also a good excuse to get out for some top Nosh and general slouching about !!

Hello Nuts. Welcome to LB! As Barro says the listings are linked from the homepage. Enjoy! Post up a picture of your bike in the Pictures & Video forum if you haven’t done already!

Great thanx! so obvious now you say, wood trees and all that. Yes I’ll try the Wednesday meet but not next week. Champions league semi-final to look forward to OK, I know I shouldn’t mention the f word or all hell might break loose