TV program last night "24hrs in A&E"

Was it just my mind or did I just see an old LB member on that show?

Thought I saw CHiPs on it… just remembered that Lucky Strike jacket…

Don’t do that, I thought the worse

TV talk, can’t help not seen CHiPs in over a year and never seen 24 hours in A&E

Sorry sorry… meant the TV programme… no bike now so didn’t even think what it could mean :smiley: (could a mod/ admin change it?)

He was fine in the end… broken collarbone and leg.

Apparently when delivering pizzas… didn’t really click it was him (at least I think it was) until I saw him get on the bike with that jacket

His name on the programme was Chris. Was that the members name??

I think that was his name.

Chris: arrrgggghhhh oowwwwww…!!!
Paramedic: Chris is a 21 year old moped rider who was crossing some lights at 30mph was hit at approx 40mph…
Nurse: So Chris you’re going to have a CT scan - ok…
Chris: oh no it takes fecking ages,…
Nurse: No, it only takes a few minutes, Chris,… try not to curse…
Chris: No I will, I will, you gotta forgive me I’m a biker, you know, it’s,…my leg’s in a few pieces, so sorry KATherine…

ooh, give him some more morphine… mmmm morphine… :w00t:

I hate these types of programmes as tv producers have learnt how to manipulate ordinary people in emotional & difficult situations into revealing personal and deep emotions to make cheap tv…!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:

^^couldn’t agree more dude. Sadly, news love that too. Nobody seems to care if your eyes are not moist.

Officially that’s Chris, he posted about it on FB.

Just watched it on 4od, poor Chris. He went on the Royal Wedding rideout in 2011 on his Kawasaki 250. Nice lad. Hope he’s recovering well.

You know who your friends are when you have an itch you cannot reach :ermm:

I forgot to mention - is Chris now a member of the Smiledclub? :slight_smile:

The first time I met him, in 2011, he was on crutches after an accident delivering pizzas! :crying:

I remember the effort he made to get to Puppy’s funeral. Top fella. :slight_smile:

Art, your claim to fame started this week too on sky1 hd, not in this weeks episode though so keep watching :smiley:

Yes, I met him in New Malden so he could follow me to the Ace for the ride to the Funeral.