TV Nazis

Recently moved back in with my dad, only to remember how much of a TV Nazi he is!

Like in the sense that if he is not in the room, but knows something on that he doesn’t particularly “like” (for reasons I cannot imagine - e.g. “scrubs” - which was casually on a minute ago whilst I was on my laptop) is on telly, he will walk in, change the channel, and then pretend to watch something whilst standing up for about 10 seconds, and then walking out again.

Moreover, one he’s been doing since I was very young and used to live with him before, I may be watching something I am genuinely interested in - he would walk in and start channel flicking. “Dad, I was watching that” I shout, but nay, despite not actually having something scheduled that he wants to watch he will continue channel flicking until he finds some sort of mediocre boring telivision shit where david attenborough describes the reproductive lives of faggot beetles out in the northern peninsula of mexico, grrr.

However what has just annoyed me, beyond belief, is the fact that I was quite clearly watching an old episode of Top Gear on Dave (not the most gripping, but i was into it), the phone rings in the kitchen, he answers it, walks into the living room ON THE PHONE, changed the channel ON THE PHONE (whilst im in here!), and then continues to walk out and stay talking ON THE PHONE? What would make someone to do this sh!t ?!?!?!

Rant over.

But does anyone else live with someone like this? It’s doing my head in…

Or am I over-reacting? It’s his telly and all…


It sounds like a territorial thing - he’s just letting you know whose boss :smiley:

No, because the remote is Mine all mine…

Nice post Chris

Moving out this Summer again.


You’re all invited to a flat warming party btw, but THE ******* REMOTE IS MINE!

haha! yeah my dad was the same :hehe:

then i got my own tv! My dad cant say jack now …well other than turn the tv down, when i watch it :smiley:

+1 :D:D:D

Know how ya feel mate. Not the same but i’ll be watching something - again normally top gear on dave, 30 mins in, parents will walk in and demand i change it as “its a democracy!”. Well fine but not if i was there first!

Either that or my dad will come in, and just stand there, not sit down, but just stand and watch for blumin hours!!! arghhh… bugs me so much!

Mr-C is in control of the remote control in our flat :rolleyes: He’s not too bad though I do get a say on what we watch occasionally :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

There are plenty of reasons to not particularly like Scrubs :stuck_out_tongue:

One of my friends has a dad a bit like that… I remember once we were at his house and we were watching something on TV, his dad fell asleep, the remote balanced on his stomach. At some point the ads came on and we wanted to do a quick flick amongst the channels

The moment my friend’s fingers touched the remote there was a voice: ‘Don’t you dare touch that’