TV For PS3

Im buying my PS3 this week and want a new tele to go with it - ideally I want a 42" LCD TV that has decent sound etc etc. To get the best out of the PS3 and Blueray dvd’s would the Tv have to be 1080p blah blah or is just HD, 100hz etc good enough.

Ideally I dont want to spend more than £700 on TV - anyone know of any Tv’s that would fit my bill? :cool:



A couple of months back I picked up a Sony 40" 1080p LCD for around £850 (v3000) which included a 5yr parts and Labour warranty. Im sure it would have come down in price now.
PS3/Bluray comes up lovely on it!

Go to a Sony store and get them to set it up for you, then say cheers, and buy it online! Just make sure its from somewhere that you can get hold of them if theres a prob.

It came with a free HDMI cable and 2 dvd’s. When I opened it the dvd’s were missing. I emailed them and within 2 days they sent the dvd’s and another hdmi cable!

If youre interested, I’ll try to find the url.

All the best.

Have a look on, they have some good offers :).

Do a search on a few models using a decent search engine.I use a 26" sony LCD for when the 42" Pioneer PLasma has been put to work. I am more than happy with either but it is brilliant on the 42":cool:

If you’re getting a HD TV then I’d recommend getting a full HD 1080, costs more but will probably then last you longer, as you won’t feel the need to upgrade it for a long time. The games and films will be getting much more detail in them too so will look better on 1080 (especially if you’re getting a 40 inch screen or similar), otherwise the screen can start to look a little pixelated again like normal TV’s are now, as it has the same number of pixels but stretched out in a bigger space.

I’m still on a normal 32" screen, but I set up my grandads 42" full HD screen and it looks gorgeous playing HD stuff (I’ve played a few HD films off my lappy via HDMI cable :cool:)

how about this- looks like a beast, fully HD (1080p) and well within budget. Get in. And enjoy the HD gaming mate…

if your going 42" I would suggest going plasma as at that size plasma would be slightly better anything smaller thena I would go LCD.

I know Goose is selling a 50" plasma LG Tv with a 15000:1 contrast which will be top dog for gaming have a look in the everything else section for selling. and he only want £600

720p COD4 on my Sony LCD

1080i COD4 on my Pioneer PLasma

not sure of what your getting at here?

that the plasma is better…looks that way to me any way

720p is for poosies :stuck_out_tongue:
not sure those comparison shots are a fair test

plasmas tend to be better at blacks for movies etc…
they have got around most of the ghosting issues that used to plague them with consoles

however i have a 42" Sharp LCD running xbox 360 at 1080p with 5.1 surround sound via a Sony Receiver, s’very nice and was a very reasonable price :slight_smile:

Yep!Cheers for clearing that up HenryCBR.Just trying to be helpful with a sample of the image quality, hard to do I know but you should be able to see the plasma is better. I was looking at the Sony in a 32" today running a PS3 demo in 1080. The graining looks worse than my 26" compared to the plasma. In its own right its still a good picture, LCD that is thats why I got both namely LCD 26" Plasma 42"As I said just trying to offer my opinion for what its worth!