[TV] First long way up trailer

You know, this doesn’t look too bad. I look forward to torrenting it, because fuck apple.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Alrighty then, we’ve established that @me_groovy was wronged by Apple in some way (did they touch you, Mian?) and that this looks quite interesting! We’ve got an Apple TV that never gets used, time to change that me thinks!

Hope they don’t beat on the electric bike’s just for the sake of entertainment. Really interested to see what their experience is like in the off-grid south.

Can you put Kodi on that :wink:

Having motorbiked across the Andes (as you do) and did 2000 mikes in Peru, am pretty sure they will be making the most of their backup teams tbh. Fuck all charging points on the Altaplano when I crossed it, fuck all of anything tbh.

These sre the guys that rode through Africa with 3 support vehicles and had BMW dhl them a needed part when up sh1t creek. Authentic…yeah right boys.

That said, if it pushes the electric bike / green agenda then happy to watch it. Just don’t kid yourself that they are in any way unsupported as they like to portray themselves on their trips.

Given it’s not on mainstream tv, will wait til some helpful sod sticks it on youtube I think.

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It’s more to due with the utter fragmentation of streaming services. A couple of years ago you could get everything on Netflix. Now you need Amazon Prime, AppleTV, Netflix, Disney+, CBS All Access, i’s utterly ridiculous.

And to be honest how many people actually have AppleTV? Not many, it really narrows the market reception.

Totally, hense using alternative streaming sources. :wink:

Hooray for monopolies?

The cost of Apple TV+ for a month is less than for one adult to see a non-premium film before 5pm on a weekday in a cinema.

So is the standalone cost of Amazon Prime Video (without the shopping bits).

As is the basic price for Netflix.

And Disney Plus.

Although CBS All Access costs nothing as it is not available in the U.K.

You could get two of those services for less than the cost of one adult watching a 3D movie in the evening.

A family ticket, for a non-premium film on weekdays before 5pm, costs about the same as a one-month subscription to all four of those services at £22.96. Although a lot of people just change subscriptions each month.

Incidentally, Apple TV+ is also available through Roku and Amazon sticks and boxes, on some brands of smart TV, as well as using a web browser.

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As much as I don’t like monopolies, this trend is pretty bad. You compare to the cost of cinema, but Disney has shown it’s colours when it pull Mulan from cinematic release to push on it’s Disney+ platform. And it’s not covered in your monthly cost, it’s an additional $30.

If this is the way forward I’ll stick to Freeview and the cinema.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this. Really enjoyed the previous trips, allows me to live vicariously. If I had the time and means I’d make these trips myself!

[…] Disney has announced it will be free to all customers on December 4th.

I’ve used one for years for throwing things to the TV from the laptop or phone but a recent MacBook purchase has unlocked a year’s worth of Apple TV+ and I have to say it is very good. The content is excellent and the production values are right up there, particularly the sound quality which somehow comes across on my old Pioneer receiver much richer and more multilayered than Blu-Ray or Freesat or Netflix.

The cost is only that of fancy cup of coffee per month, and given that we aren’t wasting our money in coffee shops these days I might continue with it after the free period is up.

My nephew is a torrent power user and has built himself a mega media server connected to the 'Net with a solid optic fibre link. Using Plex Server it enables me to log-in from anywhere with Plex client and view the content.

The Plex interface is better than Netflix and he often gets new releases quicker than Netflix.

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Don’t have apple TV nor the time or effort to go back looking at torrents and Kodi anymore - so won’t be watching this.

The debate re: streaming services is an interesting one. Yes the market is fragmented. To watch all shows you want you need way too many subscriptions. If you add them all up, you’ll be paying a pretty penny. On top of that, the majority of content on there is either old or shit… Seems like every subcription service has a handful of killer shows they peddle until the end of days.

But… the ease of having one, and the cost is not too prohibitive (for a lot of people). I must admit I use the one subscription I have quite a bit but then with a one year old I have maybe an hour or two an evening to watch something. And BBC iplayer have released all Inspector Montalbano (Midsummer Murders in Sicily) on the iplayer so that takes up a huge amount of time. :smiley:

Cinema is a completely different channel - it’s an experience rather than just sitting on a medium sized TV in your boxer shorts Althought studies are suggesting that TVs are becoming the family experience now.

The only way to play the game is… buy subscription, watch what you really want to watch (binge). Cancel. Take other subscription. Repeat… But few people will be arsed.

That’s what retirement is for :slight_smile:

I’ll never be able to retire! No patron employer to pay for a big fat pension. Have to make the best of it now because…you know…no guarantees you’ll make it to retirement anyway!

Cheerful huh!?


Yep, by the time you can retire you are physically ruined. I am looking forward to this, but I’ll grab the special edition DVD/Blu-ray.

Damn right!