TV aerial installation

I’m looking for somebody to install a TV aerial on my roof.

Before I get some quotes from strangers, is anybody on here an aerial installer? Failing that, anybody know a reliable one?

I’m in SE London

In the absence of any replies from experts: I just fitted an aerial I got from Asda for £20 in the loft. Works pretty good and didn’t take long to do.

Can I ride on the back of Driesie’s thread?

I’m looking to get a freesat aerial installed and need advice on an aerial amp for running the cabling throughout the house. I’m also in SE London (or NW Kent, depending how you look at these things) and you can’t just stick one of those in the loft.

i got mine from B&Q and a long pole about £30, put it up me self only a bunglow tho

Bungalow? Whimp!

You need at least two Victorian storeys for the vertigo to kick in.

Thanks for the replies.
I thought about trying to put one in the loft, but the thought of me running a cable “neatly” all the way down to the living room made me think again. It decided it would probably be better to pay somebody to do it properly rather than pay somebody to fix the mess I made of it :slight_smile:

I also don’t really fancy getting up on the roof to fit one myself. Hiring the ladder and equipment would probably pay for somebody doing it in the first place anyway.