Turning on M1 speed cameras permanently

More here Bedfordshire Police: Speed cameras and sponsorship 'may fund police' - BBC News

I thought the fines went to central government and were then redistributed, so a rise in fines on the M1 wouldn’t necessarily translate to an increase in Bedfordshire’s wealth.

Used to be like that. I think they’ve now been devolved to the Local Authorities.

Didn’t Oxfordshire turn all theirs off because they couldn’t afford the upkeep? Although the fines have been hiked by 40% since then!

Ah, I thought the demise of the ‘safety camera partnership’ concept made everything central, perhaps it was the opposite.

Now I’m not sure, too many FPN’s being issued for all manner of infringement

According to the article: “The majority of speed fine revenue goes to the government, but Mr Martin’s office said a proportion goes to the local force.”

It was interesting as on our Bikesafe day the police there made a good few references to how (as Londonders) they often would show other forces how easy it was to meet their target of ‘offences’ in one day, allowing them to spend their time doing more interesting things.

@NT it was Wiltshire that turned them all off:

Was it Wiltshire that once nabbed our tailgunner with a real cop ???

Well spotted Kevsta best we not confuse the troops

Yes Wiltshire nabbed the tail gunner on a £60.00 MS60 FPN because nothing else would have stuck. They had the audacity to call it Operation Triumph, I think Operation Whatever (it takes) would have been a better name. Still got a result on the fine :wink: