Tuono as a tourer?

it seems to me that with a bigger fly screen, some hand guards/heated grips for winter and a luggage rack (which I have), the Tuono could be a reasonable bike for touring on and I could get rid of the aged vfr.

am I stupid for thinking this?


No, it`s a fine steed.
Luggage it up and test it on the 9th of May, “Ridgeway Light”

I’ve toured on my Speed Triple, so I think you’ll be fine.

I’m thinking the same about the S1000R at the moment.

I don’t need or want a full blown tourer, want a hooligan bike that I can do a few tours on.
Tuono and the S1000 are similar style bikes, similar ride position- I reckon it is doable.

Tour on anything but make sure you’ve got the comfort boxes ticked - seat, riding position, wind shield, suspension, warm waterproof kit, good lighting if your riding at night etc. Very few standard seats are comfortable enough, the Honda will be visiting Viking Motorcycle Seats in Sevenoaks once I’ve sorted the lighting. I’ve also heard good and bad of Air Hawk seat covers. If you can ride it for 18+ hours straight you’ve cracked it :smiley:

Having a well maintained mo’cycle helps, less spares and tools to carry.

Carrying luggage is all about what you can do without. Assemble a pile of what you think you want, throw out all the crap you don’t need and if you can fit what’s left into a tank bag you’re sorted or, if your planning a 30 day European or beyond marathon then a pair of lockable hard cases may be a good investment for their added capacity/security. Top boxes should be avoided like the plague, especially those with 3 or 4 times the capacity of your fuel tank.

The Bonne’ was a most unlikely excellent tourer, ticked all my boxes except for that high speed cruising vibe you get with a parallel twin.

If the bike holds up in any weather, is comfortable and fuel efficient, then yes, tour your bollox off mate :slight_smile:

ive done a few trips on my old duke 690 and it was wicked, i will be fitting a puig screen, and possibly the KTM side cases as and when i go away, its excellent on fuel, and comfortable…

Isn’t the Tuono a bit thirsty? It could potentially limit the ability to tour if you’re constantly on the hunt for a petrol station.

Any bike with luggage up can tour, it’s up to you and your comfort levels

Yep and depends on what you mean by “touring”

I’m planning to “tour” on my 999 this year - madness???

Well 99% of people version of touring is not mine.

Triang Touring schedule;

  1. Load bike - (only 30litres of pillion bag) VEY minimal.

No slippers , Tuxedo, Dressing gown, wellingtons etc etc :smiley:

  1. Set off

  2. After 1hr 30 mins Stop

  3. Coffee,fag - scratch arse

  4. Set off

  5. After 1 hour Stop, Coffee,fag - scratch arse

7 Set off - get distracted by twisty bit

  1. After 1 hour Stop, Coffee/ tea /scran ,fag - scratch arse

repeat steps 6 and 7 until wou get where you’re going - (or somewhere else)

It’s taken me 2 days to get to Liverpool in the past! :smiley:

…and l-o-n-g stretches only stopping for fuel ain’t my idea of fun!

Fine touring bike , know a couple of chaps who use em for touring . They are an all day comfort bike and the twin lops along lazy at the 80 -90 mph mark .


I had mates back in the 70s that would head off to the South of France on their RD/GT/KH250s & they had a good time.

I also bought an RG500 off an old fella who showed me pics he’d taken during an Alpine tour on it.

I toured all around France on my Speed Triple while my friend carried my luggage in the panniers of his bike :slight_smile:

Well, what are you expecting it to not manage?

You don’t need a friend to carry the gear, though that would of been nice :smiley:

2014-07-09 10.41.12 by urbannivag, on Flickr

30-35mpg isn’t great basically, but 120 miles to a tank sound like a reasonable time to be stopping for a break anyway. Just means I have to stop for petrol rather than just a break.

I like your idea Roland, that’s why I take BigRedS along with his tiger.

Here’s where I’m aiming this summer :cool:

same MPG and tank range as me then. easy peasy. besides, you will get a bit more on long dull runs, you might even tickle 140-50 if its just a lazy motorway bash.

I toured on a CBF500 with topbox. Easy to do. You can tour on just about any bike, most important thing is tank range and seat comfort. i put a seat pad on my CBF and it was 6 hours of riding with no real issues. Worth it!