Hambley my dear friend…

What Fooking Planet You On !!!

Thats got to be the worse idea Ive ever seen…

Lets get 5 Newbies and go and find London Tunnels…Hammer through cos the noise is amazing ??

Son…you have lived a sheltered life…either that or ya heads up ya own tunnel !!!

Real Newbie Meets are posted in Rideouts and Forums and there are loads of Londonbiker.com Rides were Newbies and Riders of all abilitys including the ones that are lacking in ride confidence

(like myself)

So come on mate…behave…you,ll have us all Tagpole and Butterfly catching at the local sewage works next !!!

I dont think so!! besides i am doing it at Killarney…

cant wait Baby is coming home on Tuesday!!!

You could always go that bit further and try the Channel Tunnel - you’d sure as hell be making some noise with a Eurostar up your jacksie

It might even be the one we’ll be on

har har… very funy y’all…

It’s just that there’s no tunnels up north, and just about all my bike has going for it is a decent noise (well apart from the bit of rust rattling round my bottom pipes… d’oh)

it wasn’t just for newbies… maybe on a rideout sometime we could find a tunnel… i just sorted out arangements for staying down here next week too, so that’s monday’s ace, cubana and anything that’s happening next week sorted for me!

I’d rather watch twister being played by the blind…

If you want to get above 30mph i suggest you avoid the blackwall tunnel,for the past 3 years at least it has either been closed at 9.30 in the evening due to so called improvements or its running a contraflow with a bloody land rover in front crawling along at 10mph,your best bet will be dartford late evening


on a rideout yeah but doing a rideout just for making the noise…

and you did say mostly newbies = which means i’d be excluded… thats not why i joined LB

besides ur on 66 posts and u been to cubana you aint a newbie no more - so you cant go either

Do how many posts do i need before i lose my n00bginity then AJ ?

And Hambley… seriously mate im sure most of us have been stopped at least once cos the pipes are a bit loud, you really dont want to be attracting unwanted attention.

AJ Decorating is next week, am free to poke you this week!

Hey guys hambley has only had his licence 10 days or so (so he told me yesterday). He’s living his dream…and getting in the miles - blimey the miles he’s covered in those few days is unreal. If he wants to fly a tunnel let him - although agree with Aj yer not a newbie anymore…as long as he’s enjoying two wheels…although - think a track day would be better Hambley from what I was told last night - no traffic, knee down with practise, no oil, no police or cameras…and as noisy as yer pipes want!

I dont know - but it could just be until i get tired of poking ya

poke poke

pmsl at bigsv…

and yeah all i am saying is that your posts doing with meets say newbies on one side and everyone else on the other…

whats the fun in that???

i aint gonna get any poking in if that happens… i would have to poke the same people over and over again


abbeyj…i still have not been poked…you can do me next time…lets all go and do some tunnels then…those on the big bikes can blast and say goodbye to the cops and those on the little bikes and inexperienced(rf400) can take the full brunt of the police who will be a bit peeeed off cos they cant catch us on the biggies…

cameras at night…dont bother me…my plate likes that…

what do platesa like that cost ?

I’ve always wanted a shiny new number plate, although the sheer ammount of ****e mine is covered in makes it barely recognizable as a plate… :S


LMAO @ TDM *twister



Im just tryin to picture the scene as you pull up to the front of the tunnel headlamps a blaze revving your bikes looking each other in eyes nodding in agreement in about what your about to do the theme tune to the Moto gp playing in your heads as you drop your clutches and your bike slightly over fuels from lack of maintenance and a straight through can it gives the impression of a second gear pull away but you dont care its you and your bike and you become one .Together you fly into second gear your hart pumping as the excitement flows, the eagerness swelling inside as you flip up your visor and enter the tunnel to hear the thunderous roar of your 400cc power house…

only to be overtaken and drowned out by a black cab,

you stop on the other side of the tunnel, that was great lets go home and post about it… Ok says the cabbie but remember mine is faster louder & i beat you

I’ve done with twister for the blind,

I’m now on musical chairs for the deaf…

flatout, thats nearly as funny as my knock knock joke