Hey Guys,

Can’t post this in rideout, because it’s not really - I’d like to arrange one night next week for a few of us (mostly newbies?) to get together, and go find the big tunnels under london, and get a pack of 5+ hammering through them…as speed cameras permit, ofcourse

Mostly for the noise, cos it’ll be amazing… any thoughs let me know… I’d rather we didn’t all get nailed for being illegal or anything, but nothing wrogn with finding a big tunnel, and riding through it - right ?

Blackwall tunnel should be good for that.

Rotherhithe… watch for the oil down the middle… slippery.

Plus, am deaf, so would be pointless for me.


rothertite has those dam cameras there - 20mph…

so does this mean i have to go stand in a corner by myself???

or the dartford tunnel nice and lond lol and its 2 lanes wide

i may be up for that

it will be absolutely deafening though, especially as your intent on making some noise, and if anyone catches ya you could be pulled for a number of things im guessing…

noise polution, public disorder, and im sure theres a few more…

limehouse link tunnel also has cameras, didnt think rotherhithe had any

I suggest dartford… minimum speed limit of 10, max of 50. Very long.

Abbey… depends if ya wanna poke… with the stick…


If you want to do this then blackwall is your best bet - late night or early am. Can’t really see the point of it though, we all know bikes make good noise especially with a race can.

I can think of more fun things to do on a bike (ride out, kneedown roundabouts, mingers…)

hey aren’t you supposed to be decorating or something???

and Steve you have a point - not wise to do this in a tunnel with cameras - limehouse link does have those!

I am deaf (left ear deaf, right ear 10% hearing).

Only time I hear is with hearing aid in, and I cannot wear that with a lid.

Dartford Tunnel is a good bet though.


dont think you want to be getting your knee down again this soon…

but you’re more than welcome to come and stand in the corner with the non-newbies…

Can I come and play, maybe not none of you would hear yours if I was there

I know the best tunnel to do this and its just outside of London PM me if you want to know where as I shouldnt post it here. Its very good though!


Still i expect to be back on track late September and hearing the sweet sound of skrrrrrttttccccchh again. Too many berries at Graham Hill saw me get my knee, hip, back then lid down though - sweet

And I bloody loved that Arai too

Well thats assuming he can find the tunnels with his non knowledge down soufff, might end up just being the Euston Underpass cos he knows where that one is

well thats pretty cool then good to hear

i am hoping to do my first track day on the 1 October - if i can get a track bike - fingers crossed…

Just give the CBR to Highside…et voilas, one track bike