Tuning my piaggio typoon 125 XR

Hi guys, my name is Kimo and i have a piaggio typhoon 125 XR. I’ve had it for about a year now and its been great fun.

The thing is that though i think that the power is starting to weeken and the top speed isnt being reached. If anyone has

any suggestions it would be very welcoming. Also i was thinking of changing my variator and i was thinking of getting one

from “Top Racing”, will that be a good choice?

My advice is to sack off the 125 and get a bigger bike. There’s only so much power you can squeeze out of 125cc…

Too true. To get any real performance improvements from your 125 will cost more than passing your test and then the performance of a 125 becomes irrelevant.

For the time being, check the brakes are not binding, check and clean the air filter, and also check and replace if appropriate the rollers and belt. Worn rollers will affect gearing, and a worn belt can limit top speed as the ratio as it runs is reduced. All of this is standard servicing.

Check rollers and belt.


go downhill.

Cant you buy more powerbands?

get a big bore kit, change the jets and carb and change the belt and that should help increase the top speed but it wont be a cheap job to do what year is the typhoon and is it a 2 stroke?

Thank you guys for all your suggestions, i really appreciate it.

There’s an ebay seller with a deal on bhp at the moment… give that a search…

if its a 2t get a 172 for it cost around £130 second hand for the air cooled bore if its a 4 stroke new shape bin it not work spending money on it