Tuesday morning

Very early run into work today, it’s bliss on the roads at that time isn’t it?

Shame it’s going to be peeing down for the return leg this evening :frowning: be safe out there
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Was a lovely ride but the mornings are defo getting colder and darker very quickly, time to switch the heated gloves on I think!! I’m all gortex’d up so rain…I’m ready for you!

Have a good day y’all :smiley:

Good morning LB
Have a good day :slight_smile:

Morning all.

To the white van man, who kept barging over the white line cos you you couldn’t steer whilst talking on the blower last night… you sir are a c-unt

To the Transit driver who jumped the red light doing around 40/50 mph this morning nearly taking me and the white golf GTi out… you sir are a c-unt

Be careful folks… this towns full of wan-kers!

morning all brrrrr its freezing

The c-unt for me this morning was an estate BMW on the M25, I’m in lane 4 following a long line of traffic ahead but it’s moving nicely so no need to filter, he is driving right up my chuff, then cuts someone up in lane 3 and then cuts back in front of me in my safe gap! Anyway, no too far along the traffic comes to a halt and I sail past him stuck in traffic and laugh my head off!! In your face d1ck head!!! haha

Morning all…

Rode Little Putt Putt into town for sh*ts and giggles this morning…
Poor wee thing looked neglected and unloved under her cover :frowning:

Good morning LB.


morning you lot.

Another day in the land of boredom Robert !! :ermm:

afternoon, forgot what heavy rain and start of winter was like!

Yuck, it sure is cold.