Tuesday morning roll call


Knew you loved me really

@Marmablade - Oh Sam, no. I haven’t even got the heart to give a clip on its butt, let alone go all chop socky on it.

@Abzero - It has enough food left out for it. Top quality Iams stuff too.

@Marmablade - I don’t envy you. Did your dentist mention anything about rinsing with salt water? Hope the healing process is thorough and quick.

Yes, rinse with warm salty water and take pain killers every 4 hours, they said the pain will probably last till Friday!!

I had a tooth that broke down so there was nothing to grab on to. dentist drilled a groove across the middle and used a screwdriver to crack it apart

Marmablade - Keep on top of those painkillers buddy. Don’t wait for the pain to settle in, and then take them, else you’ll be more aware of the discomfort. Your favourite phrase for the rest of the week is proactive pain reduction.

Also no smoking or straws! Dry socket isn’t fun.

I only use a Vape, she said the Vape was fine just not smoke.

My Face is back to normal now, all the numbness has gone and it is bloddy throbbing!! i’m such a wimp when it comes to tooth ache pain!!

No dude no vapes , no straws, no sucking either, the issue is in the pressure differential between the straw /fag/ tube and your mouth, you can get the blood clot to fall out and you will heal incorrectly,

I showed the dentist my Vape and she said it was perfectly fine

ah cool, well i guess the vents in the side may make less of a pressure difference, whatre you vaping on! i just got a crown uwell tank for mine, 1/2 months between coil changes allegedly!

I have the nautilus tank on the cool fire 4 mod box. The coils last me about 2 weeks but at £2.95 a coil its not a problem

Evening, almost bed time :grin:
Oh no Sam, are you losing your looks already?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ll never lose my good looks.

Define good and looks you ugly fucker lol

Lol. My mum says im beautiful!!

somebody has too i suppose!!!

The last woman to tell me I was beautiful charged me an extra £5

was it Sam’s mam?

No it was Sam :smiley: