Tuesday - it's a good one

Mornin. It’s nippy but not cold and has that lovely woody smell in the air that comes with fog. Enjoy the ride this morning guys :smiley:

Foggy. Not like the Ducati Riding BSB winning Foggy, but foggggyyyyy. Still nice ride in.

Good Morning London

Having promoted the Roll Call to post three today I’ll mostly be checking yesterdays handiwork.

Ride safe out there

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Nice and slow peeps… nice and slow.

Morning Peeps

Be Safe

(was that you this Morning Chris Silver Honda ? )

Morning all…

First commute on my new bike… feel really excited!!! :smiley:

Morning all

Lookin bright out my window, Dunstable

Morning guys, nearly got took out filtering this morning, nobbhead changed lanes without looking - what a prick.

Still was glad of the ABS - sure woke missis rixxy up!

good morning peeps!

It was quite foggy during morning tbh.

I was going really slow… don’t want any surprises…

Morning all,

Nice bit of fog this morning. Waited a little later to leave so that all the retards could get into town first.
Luckily I managed to nab one of the last spots in the bike bay when I did eventually arrive in town.


Morning all, not too bad a ride in today but there did seem to be more cagers than normal driving through this fog with no lights on :crazy:… take care out there.

Morning LB
Have a great day :slight_smile: