Tuesday 15th September

This exclusive rideout is restricted to those willing to do a little extreme gardening.

The ten lakes rideout will be included in this unrepeatable offer as will the extreme Yorkshire dales tour. Both these routes are beyond the reach of our normal rides.

There is limited accomodation available for the thouroughly vetted gardeners who may or may not volunteer for this exotic jaunt.

Depart Tuesday evening return sunday evening, food and some wine provided, limited places available:D

Full details on application, car available for luggage transport. Approx 750 miles.

I would but I cant…plus I dont do my own garden properly as I usually get freaked out when the spider to minute ratio increases…and your garden sounds horrific! lol :smiley: xx

Ain`t no spiders, mostly Elk and Brown bears + the odd boar.:slight_smile:

Doh !..just come back from cumbria, its not this tuesday surely ??
anyway isn’t there only one ‘lake’ in the lake district ?

Bugger, looks like i’ve booked the wrong time off work too


I would be so up for this, but i have too many hospital appointments next week to cancel… have fun :smiley:

Thank you:) Best of luck to you at the hospital.

Bugger, can’t do.:crying:

Me and Curtis were up in the Yorkshire Dales last week, in the car unfortuantly, some cracking looking roads up there but wasn’t really the weather for biking, only the brave and stupid were outon their bikes in it :stuck_out_tongue: Beautiful part of the country, would def go back on the bike :slight_smile:

Thanks…Already had one appointment, and they failed to send to me to the right hospital…:w00t:

Back safely, another 1000miles clocked up:)Substantial gardening completed but enough left for a future trip:D:D

TDJ came to visit so we did a little post gardening rideout activity:cool:

Friday, a little afternoon bimble through Grisedale forest to Tarn Hows disabled car park:) Tilberthwaite Gill and a tour of the slate quarries before a ride over the Wrynose pass and down the Duddon valley to Broughton in Furness. An abortive submarine hunt in Barrow in Furness harbour lead to a stop opposite Roe Island and a dash to booth`s supermarket in Ulverston to relieve our age weakened bladders:blush:

Saturday dawned cloudy so we set off along the shores of Windermere, over the Kirkstone pass for coffee and a sausage bap by Ullswater. Then on through Penrith on the road to Alston and the dreamy road over Hartside top and on up to Hadrians Wall and a fine cup of Guatamalan coffee from a charming vendor at the Temple of Mithras. Kielder water and the border country beckoned so we progressed with grand vitesse acknowledging the friendly waves off the the three bike cops as we hurtled towards Hawick and the famous Sarahs cafe for black pudding, square sausage, potato scone and lively banter with th local old ladies:) The A7 provided beautiful scenery and our first sighting of Gingers Sheep before an episode of green laning in the suburbs of Carlisle that would have made Busa jealous. The final leg down the best the M6 can offer (the prettiest motorway in Britain)Sunday the sun was shining and the sap rising a plenty, so after coffee and a bacon butty Mark and Me took on the Yorkshire Dales. Sedburgh, Dentdale, Ribblehead, Stainforth, Malham, Arnciffe, Kilnsey Crag, Grassington, Bolton Abbey, Blubberhouses and Harrogate were dispatched before a return visit to the delights of Squires Cafe. A rapid cafitiering of the A1 rocked us up at the Ace “de bonne heur”“A tour de force” Ride Magazine.“Rockers rock a retirement haven” Grange News.“DNA tests prove paternity dispute” Sheep and Sheepdog Gazette.

Aaaah! Blubberhouses, now that’s a corker of a road.:slight_smile:

Glad you had a great time. Would have loved to have come with you to retrace a few old steps but less important, but nonetheless essential engagements pressed too heavilly to allow a trip down memory lane.:slight_smile:

Next time.:smiley:


Brilliant weekend.

It was good to get the garden finished and then out to play. :smiley:





is that ribblehead viaduct?? looks so much nicer in the good weather lol

Haha, I look happy enough there but wasn’t so smiley after the 20k walk :stuck_out_tongue: I wanna be back there, such a beautiful part of the UK, Jetstream, next time you do a little ride out to the Dales let us know, would love to go back on the bike :slight_smile:

Aye it is.:smiley:

OMG!!! He’s turned into a Northerner!!

I think fishface still has nightmares about hartside since i took her and rockerchick for a weekend bicycle ride when she was 12 yrs old and we did the coast to coast…its great on a motorcycle but on an old heavy £35 boneshaker laden with 3 persons gear i think the sense of achievment is slightly greater. ( maybe i’l carry some of the gear next time ;):hehe::smiley: )