Tues 27th Greenlaning around Meopham area

There are a couple of lanes closed which lead back upto the 25 but there are still a fair few open making it a worthwhile day out.

I know the ones around leatherhead/ leith hill but haven’t found the ones around box hill yet… :slight_smile:

Haha not much green in dem lanes!

Great soundtrack on that vid Mariusz. As for taking part, erm definitely not for me, looked like sheer bloody torture - although the brief tarmac bits looked fun! But well done lads, hustling those big heavy bikes around on road wheels through all that slippery shite is no mean feat, you’d have to pay me a lot of money to even think about it (may consider that kind of trip on a little dirt bike, but even then).

Dont worry about that mate, some of us (read me) did half those lanes on there face!:blush: :smiley:

I must agree, although I’m glad I did it and I quite enjoyed some bits of it, thinking back on it the day after it was the road sections that I really, really enjoyed!:smiley: Plus I am just not fit enough to do that. With some semblance of fitness and a better I’m sure it’d be a real hoot! I might have another sometime. Will need to change the gearing on the bike too, on tickover it was still going too fast (there are time when you want to go slower but cant… Good morning out and glad I went along…if only to provide some amusement (hope my off’s didn’t spoil the progress too much :wink: )

the ones next ot box hill lead back towards the m25 and even go under it or over it im not sure but they all have been tro’ed witch is a disopointment =[ as you come out of box hill from the main entrance you turn left and then the first right on that corner i think is the start of it

i cant remember the forum name but i went to the lanes down that way with someone of hear with a 690sm XD

not completely wer i thought it was but out of boxhill up that road and this link shows wer the long one starts and ends just google maps will only show it going on roads lol

if you imagen a line directly from a to be that is the lane basical haha


That was the one I was thinking of… and that’s where the surrey map shows it but the road has a clear ‘no bike’ sign


Looks like a wicked day out.
I saw the vid first and then realised it was this thread on LB - ah! So the bloke in orange is Lew! I’m impressed!

Poor Sneaks, looked fukt by the end.

At some point next year I hope to get back to join in on one of these.

Yea, it would be a good start to the New Year eh? :wink:

By the end? I was tuckered-out at the first stop!:blush: I fail to see why motopup was so impressive, he couldn’t have been trying very hard he only binned it once? And as for that drb, he didn’t even fall off at all!:angry: The slacker!!!


Yea, to be honest, I was watching the video thinking ‘fall down! fall down!’, but he never managed it.
He doesn’t understand that’s the idea when green laning over here.

Hehe. Only jesting Mr D. :wink:

I did my falling off when I have started grenlaning :stuck_out_tongue: , but i didnt like it so trying not to fall any more… or maybe I was just lucky that day :smiley:

Well a shame I formatted the card twice on the ride. I blame Sneaky. He found the sharp hawthorn to do it!
Not the best footage but enjoy playing with imovie.

I like :smiley:

No Sneaky’s harmed? Have you seen my fuggin fingers!:angry: Tamed Riot…dont be so silly, why do you think I spent the morning on my face!:smiley:


My mistake. I actually forgot to change it to " No Sneaky’s maimed in the making" :smiley:

George you did cracking. Got a few wobbly bits from moto on film but will save that for anotehr day, another vid, a compliation.

Looks like fun lads :wink:

I might have to get mine dirty now I’ve got a pxr on the front. I’m up for it if you do another one - and it’s my neck of the woods :wink:

PM me your number and ill send ya invite next time.

Cool video Lu!

What program did you use?


I did sh1t, as I expected, but it was worth the effort as I pushed my personal fear limits and it has given us all something to chuckle about!:smiley: Plus my bike is clean!:w00t:

Sneaks you didnt do sh1t. you were great. We all kept together and werent held up so no worries. I really enjoyed it mate.