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Tues 17th Aug : Evening Ride to Brighton for Fish and Chips

Sorry all, not going to make it either. not going to be finished in time for the 6:45 meet. Have fun

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Can I borrow your bike then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can someone bring some marshmallows

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Also, I couldn’t make it, @Panagiotis had to leave me standard at a petrol station :sob: The GS broke down on me! Well, I say broke down, it wouldn’t restart after stopping at the petrol station. Battery was at 12.2v but that wasn’t enough it seems, I had to wait for BMW service to come out and give me a jump start to get back up to over 14v.

I haven’t used the bike for a while, but do keep it on a trickle charge most times. It had been off for about a week (we share the charger). That should have been fine, but apparently not.

Gutted. Hope you all had a nice time and enjoyed the fish and chips!

(Roadside dinner. Greek salad in honour of Pan, Salmon for the fish and chips. I tried)



Man! Felt bad leaving you dude!!

Was a good run down! And the squid was nice!

Thanks for everyone that made it!

The way back was interesting! This detour in the dark was fun!


Man gutted to have missed it. I see some old faces there. Goth seem to be getting older :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Nice one for leading us all down there and great catching up with everyone :metal:t2:

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Great ride, thanks folks.

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No way, the show must go on! Nice one guys and girls, it looks like you had a great time. Hope to be back on the next one soon.

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Thanks Pan and Nivag, another lovely ride down. Those lanes are lovely.

The ride back was a pain, that detour through Crawley etc was tedious. We would be better returning the way we came, even in the dark it would have been more enjoyable than all those roundabouts, traffic lights and cameras.


Might look at a different seaside town or maybe a cross country loop for the next one and check for any road closures on the way back.

I went back up the M23 > A264 > A22 into Purley/Croydon due to the road closure.


head more towards @The_Sleeper 's area!
dont want him and the cat locked out again!

Haha, was all good, she remembered to take the key out this time and the cat was busy sleeping on the sofa when I got back.

Thanks for leading it Pan, great night, great food and really nice to get out on a ride. I think this was my first proper social ride this year!


I’d be up for a ride out into Kent.

Are weekend ride outs a thing? Would be good to get another one in before the ‘good’ weather is gone.


Agreed. Weekend ride sounds nice

So who is planning the next one and when.

It is the first person to ask that question.


How does Sunday 5 Sept sound? Early start, all done by late morning?

I’ll have to ask my Mum’s permission, obvs.


I’m all in favour of early starts, before the garden centre gang hit the roads.