Tues 17th Aug : Evening Ride to Brighton for Fish and Chips

About time we repeated the evening ride to get some Fish and Chips!

Meet point Ryka’s Café
Old London Rd, Dorking RH5 6BY

As previous will be leaving 6.45pm from the carpark, note it’ll be closed but you can still get in via the gap on the Old London Road exit side.
This will take it various types of roads, so ride at pace that’s comfortable.

Remember, it will be dark so bring a clear visor. Especially for the ride home. There will be some unlit roads. Also it can be cold on the way back (yes Dad!)

The ride home will probably be direct back to London and won’t be back to Rykas.

Admin: no nobbers, double white line overtakers and take it easy through villages/built up bits to avoid annoying the rozzers.


Bugger, I’m working :frowning:

I’m in, see you there…

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Bugger I’m busy

FTEB guys!

I’m in! Nice one @Panagiotis!

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Let me check my diary…yep, looks like I’m free!


I’m in!


I’m only a maybe now :frowning: I’ll let you know on the day.

Wednesday’s meant to be the day for these!

Sorry dude. Hope you can make it

its a maybe for me, if I can get off work early enough to get to Ryka’s for 6:45pm.

:unamused: I’m 100 miles from Rykas :unamused:

@kcoops your bike has so many settings you could probably send it there ahead of you and meet it there!

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: This genuinely made me laugh out. Just this weekend, late evening on my way home from a couple hours out and I had my cruise control on. it is in the vicinity of the high beam, trying to adjust the speed I flashed the guy in front of me, he probably thought what is this knob head flashing me for. :roll_eyes:

@The_Sleeper don’t hate it till you tried it :grinning:.

I went through a period of accidentally turning on the high-beams in the car after indicating. Took me a while to wonder why I was getting flashed so much :rofl:

I am a little jealous, I’ve only just got to ABS so in about 15 years I’ll have the buttons you do.

Weather looks ok guys - overcast but no rain. I will be brining some warmer gloves and layers for the way back :wink:


Looking forward to it. See you all later :slight_smile:

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Damn, I was hoping to make this too, but it seems I shall be stuck up in town. If I get away in time you never know.

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Yeah, I’m definitely out :frowning: Way too tired and have to work late.

BS tomorrow, though?